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Locksmith shop offers a wide range of ordinary, cash, car keys and special. Located in the new part of Nessebar, near post office.


Locksmiths throughout centuries

There were locksmiths long time ago and development of locksmith’s business has always been walking hand in hand with the development of civilization. Locksmiths appearеd and continue to exist here until today in response to the emerged genuine need for security of each of us. Most likely locksmith’s profession was first established as a separate craft in countries where people began to create tangible goods – China, Egypt, Assyria and Babylon.

The oldest images of keys date back 4000 years ago and are preserved in the temples of ancient Egypt. Before the appearance of first locksmiths, people were trying to keep their belongings and protect their homes not using the services of a locksmith, but by hiding, burrowing, tying or simply standing up to them constantly. There were other creative ways to protect their property - in the palaces in India the jewels were kept on an artificial island, in the middle of a lake, full of half-starved crocodiles.

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